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Viviscal Advanced Hair Health Review


Have you ever wondered about how some people seem to be blessed with such gorgeous, thick, and strong hair? Were they born with it? How can I get my hair to look or feel like that?

I’m sure we all have wondered how some people seem to be born with such great hair. They seem to have strong, healthy, vibrant hair. Or is it soft to the touch, and you just want to touch it more *without being too weird, lol!)

Well, we are reviewing Viviscal Advanced hair health vitamin supplements. There are going to look at it in an overview, we are going to talk about what the product claims it does, who discovered it, what it is made of, and what it is supposed to do within the given allotted time frame.

Then, we are going to discuss their pros & cons. These would be the top 3 good and bad things about the product, then break it down to why it is or why it is not.

Thirdly, we are going to look at who are the targeted audience for this product. Who can use this product? Fourth, we are going to look if this company has additional tools & treatments, or feature to help make this product better.

And Lastly, we are going to tell you if this company has good customer support. I normally look for this in the products I purchase online because if their support for their customers is bad, usually the product is bad or it is a scam. Good customer support will provide a contact number & support website or webpage.

Hope you like it & here we go:

This well-known brand with its made with AminoMar complex will help grow your hair.

Name: Viviscal Advanced Hair Health

Owners: James Murphy
Price: $$
Overall Scam Rank: 89 out of 100


 Viviscal Product overview

Viviscal is a clinically proven dietary supplement advertised to “promote existing hair growth.”It contains ingredients with an assortment of vitamins and other components to stimulate hair growth.

A Scandinavian scientist observed the Inuit people with a high fish and protein diet which results in strong hair and skin. With continual research, examination, and analysis into their diet the professor was able to create AminoMar,

This is a complex mixture of amino acids copied from marine life and has about 22% active protein. This amino marine complex is a combination of shark fin and mollusk powder with horsetail extract from the stem and millet seed extract.

When followed as directed, within 3 months you should see an increased amount of hair growth and a decreased amount in hair loss. And within 6 months there should be an increase in hair strength, diameter, and volume and a significant hair loss.

The Pros of Viviscal:

  • PRO #1:   Scientifically formulated Tablets

The easy-to-swallow tablets are key to hair growth and restoration when taken with the proper nutrients and vitamins. It is an alternative decision for hair growth instead of surgery.

  • PRO #2:   4 Stages to Grow Stronger Hair

The hair growth ingredients are known to grow hair in four stages and in as little as 3 months. In stage 1, the hair follicles are nourished by the recommended daily intake.

In stage 2, the thinning and breaking hair is strengthened with continual nourishment.

Then in stage 3, hair starts to thicken and strengthen in balding areas.

Finally, in stage 4, hair appears stronger, healthier, and more vibrant in as little as 3 months.

  • PRO#3:   Is Drug-Free.

It is a vitamin supplement that contains vitamin C, Biotin, Zinc, and a marine complex called AminoMar. It also does not contain minoxidil or finasteride which may be found in some hair growth brands.

The Cons of Viviscal:

  • CON#1:   Contains the use of synthetic fillers, binders, and artificial ingredients.

There are many claims to be all-natural or drug-free, but you can find them at the bottom of the ingredient box in the fine print.

These ingredients can cause serious problems to your health and have been linked to cancer in rare cases. Avoid synthetic additives such as magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, and silicon dioxide.

  • CON#2:   Allergic reactions

It may cause an allergic reaction to those who are allergic to shellfish, fish, or other marine life because one of the main active ingredients is a product called AminoMar Complex, a marine protein to help grow hair and nails.


Who is Viviscal for?

Viviscal is a great product for people who want to have strong thick hair. It is a drug-free product made from AminoMar Complex which is a marine protein to help hair produce healthy hair.

It will also help those who are losing their hair, have thinning hair, noticed a bald or hair loss in a particular area of their hair. It will help decrease the amount of thinning or sparse areas on the head to multiply the strands to regrow hair.


Viviscal Tools & Treatments

To help keep your hair healthy and strong, Viviscal also recommends you use their shampoo and conditioner and elixir with the vitamin supplements.

They also contain Biotin, Zinc, and Keratin to help grow healthy hair.


Viviscal Customer Support

The customer service support is available to answer questions. There is a Customer Care Program where you can ask them questions about their 90-money back guarantee, shipping and return information and Side Effects.

They also have Community guidelines where customers can also respond to social media, product reviews, blogs, and customer results with before and after pictures.

Viviscal at a Glance…

Name: Viviscal Advanced Hair Health
Owners: James Murphy
Price: $$
Overall Scam Rank: 89 out of 100