My Beauty

Welcome to My Beauty Page!!


I can’t believe I am finally making this website!! This website has always been in my mind and only this year have I had the umph to finally make it happen. This is the long-awaited website. I started with a couple of other websites so I could use them as practice sites until I was comfortable creating this website.

But as I started to learn more tools and lessons, I slowly started thinking about those other sites as possible money-making sites as well. Even though, I may not have to know how to become an affiliate marketer, with the help of Wealthy Affiliate I am on my way to making some money and partnering with some really awesome affiliate networks and programs.

While I worked in the beauty department of CVS Pharmacy for a while, I loved helping people and setting up the ads, and working with my vendors and sales representatives. They showed me which products had the best sellers, which ones weren’t doing well, and how to upsell to customers to bring up the sales for a slower-moving product.

I build connections with these people and still keep in touch with most of them to this very day.

I will be sharing with you all my favorite beauty tips, beauty products, and of course my favorite items of the week. Did you know there are an infinite number of mascaras and liners within one beauty company? I loved displaying and stocking my hair care and facial products. These were my favorite sections of the store.

Although I may still be a beginner when comes to the artistry of cosmetics and how to apply it to your face, I know I am an expert in other realms of beauty. I know when a product says its suppose to firm skin and tighten pores,

Now that I have my own virtual web space I will be looking at ways to improve my haircare, skincare, cosmetics, facial care, and body care. These are the five beauty subjects I will review for this webspace. I hope you like what I have to offer you.